Made in collaboration with Rokkan for the release of Cadillac’s Twin Turbo V8 Blackwing Engine. Director’s Cut.


Client: Cadillac
Agency: Rokkan

Production Company: Public Record
Executive Producer: Jeremy Yaches
Producer: Julia Kennelly (@jmkennelly)
Director: Julian King
Cinematographer: Eric Ulbrich (@ericulbrich)
Editor: Julian King and Nathan Caswell (@nathancaswell)

Music Company : ECHOLAB (@echolab)
Music Producer : Gavin Little
Composer : Steve Lynch
Sound Design + Final Mix : Gavin Little
Sound Design Assistant : Joe McHugh

Color: Aubrey Woodiwiss / Carbon (@aubreycolor)
3-D / VFX: Jeremy Ian Thomas (@jeremyianthomas)
VFX: Jonathan De Ring (@stopitjon)
1st Assistant Camera: Holly Horne
Drone Pilot: Aaron Cohan / UAVantage (@uavantage / @aaroncohan)
Stunt Coordinator: Justin DeRosa (@justinderosa8063)
Practical Effects Coordinator: Sammy Maloof (@sammymaloof)