Last fall, great friend and director @andre_stringer invited me to work with him on his far-reaching Under Armour 2020 campaign he was in process on. A real honor to work with Andre and Under Armour — a brand-director partnership that has yielded seminal work that inspired and influenced many, including myself.

The first project we took on in collaboration with Under Armour’s brand team was the Curry 7 launch campaign for basketball. Andre’s intention was to use this opportunity to lay some preliminary groundwork and motifs for the 2020 work, while creating a film that expressed the defiant mentality of being underrated — an attitude exemplified by Steph Curry’s unheralded rise from being recruited by zero major colleges to exploding as a superstar during the 2009 NCAA tournament.

We co-directed and co-photographed this one, then as we moved into the 2020 work, we took on different aspects of the campaign. Andre just posted his big 2020 anthem, ‘The Work,’ and soon we’ll be sharing more from the expanded parts of the 2020 campaign that I led.


Directed by: Julian King and Andre Stringer
Producer: Rani Melendez
Edit: Cassidy Gearhart
Music: Andre Stringer
Sound Design and Mix: Rommel Molina / Beacon Street
Colorist: Aubrey Woodiwiss / Carbon

Under Armour Brand Team:

Alex Bardoff – Associate Creative Director

Jed Jecelin – Sr. Creative Director

Brian Boring – VP. Global Creative

Alessandro de Pestel – CMO

Gustavo Uriarte – Senior Designer

Erinn Kahle – Sr. Producer

Melanie Zahn – Director, Production

Joseph Sederquist – Lead, Motion Content

Brianna Colon – Basketball Marketing Coordinator

Valerie Middleton – Sr. Director, Category Marketing